SOGEPA S.p.A., a Leonardo S.p.a. company, is responsible to manage minor participations and non-core activities related to the Leonardo Società per Azioni Group, including the management and closing of the related litigation. The Company, incorporated in 2002, has achieved over the years a specific know-how necessary to:

  • start-up and/or manage liquidation proceedings;
  • sell companies and/or business units;
  • restructure companies and provides to their re-assignment;
  • manage non-core assets (contracts, litigations, etc.).

Charter of Values

By resolution of the Board of Directors of Febraury 19 2019, SOGEPA S.p.A. adopted the Charter of Values of the Leonardo Società per Azioni Group. The Charter of Values provides the principles that guide the Group’s strategy and the daily activities of all those who work and collaborate with the Group itself: Ethics and Respect, Expertise and Merit, Innovation and Excellence, Internationality and Multi-culturalism, Rights and Sustainability are the main values to be followed in the conduct of business activities, in close relationship and collaboration with all the stakeholders.

Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics, adopted by the Board of Directors on March 5th 2014 and modified on December 16th 2019, provides the ethical commitments and ethical responsibilities in the conduct of company business corporate activities undertaken by all those who have relationships of any kind  with SOGEPA S.p.A.. The Company promotes the knowledge and the respect of the Code of  Ethics, requiring compliance and providing, in case of violation of one or more provisions of it, adequate and proportionate disciplinary or contractual measures.


Guidelines Management of Red Flags

The Board of Directors on 25/02/2021 adopted the guidelines on the management of red flags, already adopted by the parent company Leonardo S.p.a., that define and describe in order to specify and regulate the process for disclosures, either qualified or anonymous disclosures, by anyone who may be aware of conducts against the law or the internal policies of the Group. Such guidelines are aimed at eliminating or minimizing the risk of committing crimes in areas  that are potentially more exposed to the occurrence of unlawful conduct.

Assuring confidentiality of the whistleblower’s identity, Leonardo offers the following channels to file a report: 


Anti-corruption Code

By the Board of Directors resolution of December 16th 2019 – SOGEPA S.p.A. adopted the Anti-Corruption Code of the Leonardo Società per Azioni Group that, through the enunciation of a set of  liability and warranty principles, continues to maintain the commitment to fight against corruption and illegal conduct by spreading and promoting ethical values and principles as well as  through the effective implementation of rules of conduct and control processes in line with the requirements set by the applicable regulations and international best practices.


Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01

By the Board of Directors resolution of July 23th 2015 SOGEPA adopted the Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231/01 (“Model”), subsequently amended by  the Board of Directors resolution on December 22th 2020.

The current Model consists of:

  • a general part, which contains (i) the description of the regulatory framework and the obligations to inform the regulatory body responsible for supervising the functioning and compliance of the Model; (ii) the definition of the appropriate disciplinary system to sanction the non-compliance towards the measures indicated in the Model; 
  • a special parts that identify the scope of activities within which crimes can be committed under Legislative Decree no. 231/01 and its subsequent amendments and additions.

Quality Policy

Privacy Information


SO.GE.PA. – Società Generale di Partecipazioni S.p.A.

Sole shareholder Company, subject to the supervision and coordination of Leonardo S.p.a.;
Share capital € 1.000.000,00 fully paid-up;
Tax and VAT Code and Rome Companies Register number 01294640998.

Registered Office: Via Sardegna n. 38, piano 5°, interni 9 e 10 – 00187 ROMA (RM).

Telephone number: +39 06 45538311

Fax: +39 06 45538057

Certified e-mail: